Crumb Chronicles Kickoff Contest


Greetings, reader! We are very happy to announce The Crumb Chronicles Kickoff Contest!


The Crumb Chronicles is our series of original articles and stories on how food affects us, from hospitality and comfort to growth. We’re excited to explore how food relates to youth and express ourselves through writing.

Submissions will close on April 30th.

To celebrate this launch, we want to share YOUR writing with the world!

Prizes will be announced...




We are open for submissions of original editorials, narratives or journalism on how food has affected you. You may submit a piece using the themed prompt below OR write from your own inspiration. Your submission should be 200 - 2,000 words.


Themed Prompt


In up to 2,000 words (or about 4 pages of 12 pt font), chronicle what breakfast means to you. From the start of each day to the start of the year.

However rare or frequent you may eat it.

Elaborative Questions:

What does breakfast mean to you? As we continue the year, reflect on the time spent eating or not eating as you start a day.

  • Do you have a favorite breakfast?
  • Does someone special cook it for you?
  • Do you eat the same thing every morning?
  • A quick crunch or, a rare and rich brunch?




If you are a writer in 3rd-12th grade (or international equivalents), you are invited to contribute! 

Submissions close April 21st.

Winners will be awarded in 3 age categories: 9-11 years old, 12-14 years old, and 15-18 years old.

Your writing piece should be 200 to 2,000 words long, or 1-4 pages in 12 pt font.

To submit, click the button below!


Important Details


We encourage you to check out our first articles in our blog, as examples for some of the type of materials we’d love to see.

Look forward to a workshop of fun writing activities and contest prep, plus more tips on how to construct your piece.

The contest will close for submissions on April 30th.


Prizes will be announced!


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GrowMeGolden will not accept, publish, or tolerate submissions of profanity, excessive violence, racial or gender discrimination, or obscenity of any kind. Any submissions will be immediately disqualified and banned from future events. Thank you for your compliance.